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eLodgment can be used for the electronic lodgment of applications and supporting documents in Federal Law matters.

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Are you commencing proceedings relating to a Protection Visa?
The Court has a centralised pre-lodgment pseudonym service for practitioners and litigants in proceedings relating to Protection Visas. Obtain a pseudonym (hidden identity) before lodging your application or appeal. Please email


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Recent Changes
A question has been added to all documents that commence a Migration case to capture visa type.  The collection of this information will assist the Court in identifying whether section 91x of the Migration Act applies to a case. 

Upcoming Changes

Documents older than 24 months in eLodgment to be purged

As part of a process to improve performance within the eLodgment application the Court will be purging uploaded and processed documents that are older than 24 months. This process will be undertaken on 1 July 2021.

What do you need to do?

If you haven’t already you should make sure you have downloaded and saved the stamped versions of the documents.

If you have registered with the Commonwealth Courts Portal (CCP) you will be able to view any eLodged documents on a matter that you are linked to through the CCP. The only exception is confidential or suppressed documents which will not be sent through to the CCP. Click here for information about registering for the CCP

Visually impaired users, experiencing difficulties reading the eLodgment screens, can obtain assistance from their local registry.


New Users
Provides information on using eLodgment, including user guides, acceptable use policy and how to apply for a Credit Account with the Court.

Approval of Registration may take up to 1 Business Day before you can use eLodgment.

Pseudonym / Hidden Identity
IMPORTANT!! If you need to lodge an application or appeal relating to a protection visa, please contact the centralised pseudonym service before lodgment. Send an email to

A pseudonym (hidden identity) is required by legislation for certain proceedings relating to protection visa matters.

If you are not lodging an application relating to a protection visa but wish to hide your identity for other reasons, you will need an order of the Court.  Please lodge your application, select the request “Suppress” check box in eLodgment and upload a letter explaining the reason or reasons for your request.

Before you start eLodging documents please ensure you review the checklist of requirements. 

Provides the answers to questions you might have.


PRD 3.8.37