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eLodgment and eCourtroom Registration



eLodgment is for electronically lodging documents in General Federal Law matters, regardless of Jurisdiction (Federal Court of Australia or Federal Circuit Court of Australia).

If you wish to file documents in a Family Law Matter (including Divorce), regardless of whether the matter is being heard in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court, you must use the Family Court's eFiling service available via the Commonwealth Courts Portal (CCP).

Please click here to register for the CCP to file Family Law documents



Welcome to the Federal Court of Australia’s on-line services, eLodgment and eCourtroom.

As part of our continual improvements to the services provided to Court users, the Federal Court has integrated eCourtroom and eLodgment to provide single sign-on to registered users. This means that a user can access both services with the one username and password.
New Users
If you are a first time user, you will need to register to use the eLodgment and / or eCourtroom Service.  Please commence by selecting the type of user – either a Self Represented Litigant or Organisation Employee/Representative and complete the form.

Approval of Registration may take up to 1 Business Day.
Generic / Team Usernames *
Name fields (First Name, Last Name) are now mandatory for all usernames.  Organisations wishing to use generic or team based usernames may like to take this opportunity to register team members individually.  Alternatively, you may use a generic username and enter the Team Leader/ Manager’s name into the fields.
Please note that Generic / Team Usernames cannot be used by participants in eCourtroom.
eCourtroom Users
eCourtroom Users are required to have a unique personal user name with a unique individual email address attached.  Generic emails like ‘’ or shared email addresses may lead to delays in notifications of new activity in the eCourtroom.

* The Federal Court of Australia does not condone or advocate the sharing of usernames and password